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"You are imperfect, you are wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love and belonging." 

~Brené Brown

About Me

I lead with my heart and my head keeps me in check. I believe in living life to the fullest always leading with love and staying true to your most authentic self. I love to travel, explore other cultures, sky dive and try new foods. I love fashion and paint by acrylic in my free time. As a mother, student, entrepreneur and dog lover, I find the organized chaos of life incredibly rewarding. I am nearly finished with my PhD and will be graduating in the summer of 2023. I am a published author with an intense passion for writing and am currently working on my second book, a children's book about emotions.

As a veteran of the United States Air Force I have had the honor of working with various military personnel & veterans both within and outside of the court system. I specialize in emotional regulation, complex trauma, domestic violence, sexual trauma, sex therapy, victims of crime and substance use issues. 

I enjoy working with individuals and couples whether in person or via online (Telehealth). I use the Gottman method when working with couples and am certified in EMDR therapy which dramatically compliments most individual therapy sessions. I absolutely love what I do and wholeheartedly understand the value and relief therapy can bring. I warmly invite you to a rewarding therapeutic relationship where you confidently feel both heard and understood.

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Encouraging Restoration

"I was referred to Amber from a friend after hearing how quickly she had results. I had been in therapy before so while I was open I was skeptic. Each session I made progress with my anxiety and depression and couldn’t believe the relief I was feeling which therapy for five years prior have never given me. If anyone is in emotional pain I would recommend them coming to see Amber as it’s the best investment in yourself you could ever make. I truly feel like a different person and would’ve done this years ago if I would’ve known. Emdr has truly changed my life."
“I came to Amber in the depths of cptsd, intrusive thoughts and mental ocds were disabling my ability to cope day to day. She guided me through choice memories of my past experiences to process with EMDR and we began. I am more empowered, more at ease, more trusting of myself having worked with Amber through difficult traumas. I found safety in my body again. As well as have more capacity to take on new hardships as they come. I am so grateful to have worked with you Amber, your support helped me feel renewed to myself. Thank you.”
"I am someone who has suffered from many symptoms: Ptsd, anxiety, insomnia and at times in my life suicidal. I have found so much relief and I’m able to manage stress and difficult moments while also sleeping much better now after seeing Amber on a regular basis. She had helped me through EMDR therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and just being a sounding board with actual advice and techniques to use an put in action. I also appreciated her telehealth options when I was unable to make my appointments in person."

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